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The Red Umbrella Fund's 2015 Call for Applications is open!
Local and national sex-worker-led organisations and networks in any country can apply until 3 August 2015.

Apply for a grant - Red Umbrella Fund
The Red Umbrella Fund’s new global Call for Application will be published here 22 June 2015. The deadline will be 3 August 2015. Check this website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay informed and download the new application form. What we fund The Red Umbrella Fund provides funding to sex…
From POWER in Ottawa:
OTTAWA - read this and share! This is happening in our city


A coalition of community groups based in Ottawa who work on issues related to poverty and advocate for the rights and interests of sex workers, Indigenous peoples and people who use drugs expressed grave concern over a new initiative spearheaded by several service providers in the city, including the Ottawa Police Service and many members of the coalition of Health and Resource Centres. This new framework is currently being rolled out in Ottawa.

The initiative is called the “Multi-Stakeholders Approach to Problem Addresses” (MSAPA). The goal of the framework is to collaboratively respond to what the signatories identify as “problem addresses”. While POWER, CSCS, FSIS, DUAL, CPEP and PMUS share the desire to work together towards building better relationships in our neighborhoods and addressing the concerns of community members, all fail to see how the proposed solution creates long term positive change. This framework targets already marginalized members of our community.

The six community groups call into question “the effectiveness of a framework that has the potential of increasing surveillance, criminalization, incarceration, and the marginalization of already vulnerable segments of our community” says Shoshana Magnet, Associate Professor in Criminology at the University of Ottawa.

In the process of identifying problem homes, service organizations may share sensitive information about clients’ files with partners, including the Ottawa police service, which could violate their organizations confidentiality agreements. Meanwhile, there is no immediately visible recourse for people who may be socially profiled and/or whose homes are targeted. This framework carries the risk of displacing people through eviction processes, which goes against studied best practices of crime prevention through community development.

“What is concerning is the risk of interventions from service agencies that we need to access for services and how that could impact already precarious housing. This puts us at risk of homelessness and could disconnect us from important resources and relationships.” said Patrick Ladouceur, an Ottawa Community Housing resident for over 15 years.

The five groups have penned an open-letter, calling on the signatories on the “Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Problem Addresses in Ottawa” to reject the current framework in favour of a community development approach that centers social determinants of health and join in advocating for evidenced-based strategies for healthy communities for all.

POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa, Gatineau, Work, Educate Resist)
FSIS (Families of Sisters in Spirit)
DUAL (Drug Users Advocacy League)
CSCS (Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites in Ottawa)
PMUS (Poverty Makes us Sick)
CPEP (Criminalization & Punishment Education Project)

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Check out this website for more information:

We Reject MSAPA
Strong, Healthy, Vibrant Community means freedom from Criminalization
In South Korea, sex worker Kim Jeong-mi filed a lawsuit to strike down a law that criminalizes and tries to abolish prostitution. Apparently, the justices are close to reaching their decision. The country just decriminalized adultery in February.

Suit Has South Korea Looking Anew at Its Hard Line on Prostitution
The case follows a landmark decision that decriminalized adultery, and reflects continuing changes in the nation’s social attitudes toward sex.
A lengthy but fascinating critique of a French study that purported to show that prostitution costs France 1.6 billion euros per year. In short, the study is garbage.

ProstCost - Part 1 of 3: Missing the Benefits - Windypundit
Recently, sex work activists on Twitter took notice of a news story about the recently publicized ProstCost study by Le Mouvement du Nid that claims prostitution costs France 1.6 billion …
An Indian feminist describes how she came to the pro-decrim position.

A Feminist’s Case for Decriminalizing Prostitution | Playboy
When I heard the feminist Gloria Steinem wax eloquent about prostitution on a cold January evening last year at a popular literature festival in India I sighed with relief....

“Government in our bedrooms: The parallels between prostitution laws and abortion laws.”


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